Best Way to Learn JavaScript

The fact that you made it here, I will take it that you are a programming enthusiast. I also take it that you have an interest in knowing the best way to learn Javascript. But the problem is, you don’t know how to start? Well, read on and together we will find a way how to get you master the scripting language. However, firstly I would like to address a particular problem. Many people, starting out learning something new loses their enthusiasm mid way. So first let’s get that bit figured out. Why should you learn JavaScript? I have had …

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12 Free Learning Resources for Game Developers

If you are starting out as a game developer, then you will need access to learning resources. And these can be quite expensive. As we all know, free stuff isn’t always good, and good stuff isn’t always free. That’s the way the world works. However, some awesome folks on the internet do like to share information freely with the world. So here we will be talking about some quality learning resources for game developers. Now it can be hard(rather, impossible) to find a single platform containing all the information you need. This is especially the case if you are going the free …

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RubyMine Ruby on Rails IDE by JetBrains

Top 7 Ruby IDE Solutions for Web Developers

If you are a newbie, then it is likely that you are using your Notepad for all your coding necessities. But it will be unproductive in the long run. Rather, it is time you start using an IDE. You will immediately start to see the positive impact in your work. As you should know, an IDE or Integrated Development Environment is a collection of tools used together for the purpose of developing an app or a software. Now generally any IDE will come with its own Text Editor. And most IDEs, of which we are going to talk here, are …

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Livecoding.tv: Become A Better Programmer Now!

Recently, I am busy streaming my coding experience online. For many of you, watching other code live can be a new experience. Others who are on the internet for an extended period, already know that there are other platforms online that let you do the same. The new platform that I am going to discuss today is Livecoding.tv. I have already spent more than 9 hours coding on the platform. And, I am trying to get a grip on my programming skills again for the nth time, and I hope I succeed this time for sure! So what is this …

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How to network

How To Network: 6 Effective Ways To Ensure Growth

Everyone around me keeps asking, “How to Network”? or more precisely, “How to do networking”? Today, I will go forward and look at networking from a completely different perspective. Why you need networking? We all know that if you have a good network i.e. if you know the right people, then life would be all the more happy and prosperous. This is quite evident, just look at the other two alternatives. Knowing wrong people will not make your life any simpler, and living in isolation is just anti-human (man is a social animal after all). Now the real places where …

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Which Programming Language Should You Learn First?

Which Programming Language Should You Learn First?

Learning to program is tough. There is no easy way. If you are starting out to learn to program, you need to be resilient, and good at starting on your own. Almost every beginner are confused on the choice of programming language. I have been asked many questions similar, and they sound like, “How Do I choose my first programming language?” or “Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?” The confusion doesn’t end here…as new programmers keep asking more questions inclined to new programming languages. To make my readers free from this trouble, I will discuss the key concepts or …

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12 Blogging Tips That You Didn’t Knew Until Now

Blogging is the art of presenting information online to enrich the lives of the readers. And, this is where Blogging tips can help you achieve your dream. Blogging trade earns many bloggers their livelihood by using strategies for bloggers that doubles their chance of success. But, success rates of blogs are still on the low side. Most of them fail to capitalize the web market and the opportunity that lies in their hands. The Internet is vast, and with the vastness, it is easy to get lost and become one of the inactive websites that warm the landscapes of the internet. …

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How To Become A More Effective Learner

How To Become An Effective Learner

Learning is different from studying, and if you are reading this, you have gone through tons of learning. It can be learning from relationships, jobs, books and so much more. Learning is an on-going process and never stops, and you would probably keep learning the rest of your life. Even though we learn from our experiences, it becomes extremely tough to handle it in many situations. The fact that people use wrong tools and techniques for teaching makes them a bad learner. Learning can be improved with few techniques, and we will go through few of them in this article. …

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