Hosting your Blog using Github and HubPress

Blogging is a popular term in our current online industry and people love Github for their coding projects. The mixture of both the platforms starts with Jekyll, Awestruck and Octopress. But, all of them have a technical curve and is not really for a complete newbie.

get hubpress now

Anyone who is looking to get their blog up and running with as little technical know-how can bring life it his/her blog can use the new HubPress. HubPress is a completely free web app that lets you host your blog directly from GitHub and get going in little time as possible.

To get started with the blog, you need to do a two-step process:

1. Fork the repository

2. Add Google Analytics tracking ID and Disqus Shortname.(Optional)

You can check the official page here, and tell us what you think about the new web app. The only limitation is the static site creation. Even though, it’s not actually a drawback as most of the bloggers content doesn’t depend on the notion of interactivity anyway.

What are you waiting? Start blogging now!

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