Best JavaScript Frameworks

7 Best JavaScript Frameworks of 2015

JavaScript is one of the most popular front-end languages and today, we will go through the best JavaScript Frameworks of 2015. The language came into existence 20 years ago and was developed by Brendan Eich. The need to manipulate the front-end pages gave rise to JavaScript. JavaScript is also popularly known as EMCAScript and the latest EMCAScript 6[standard] is implemented by Mozilla in their latest build. JavaScript is used mainly as a prototyping scripting language, which offers dynamic typing as a key feature. JavaScript has seen tons of improvement from the day it came into existence. It is no more …

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Online JavaScript Editor

10 Online JavaScript Editors for Web Developers

Online JavaScript Editors that are useful are hard to find. Today, we will list the online javascript editors that will make your work super-easy and productive. JavaScript is one of the leading Web Scripting languages and it is mainly used in manipulating the DOM elements to give websites interactivity. On the other hand, finding JavaScript editors can be time-consuming and not a great thing to do. That’s why, I will list the best Online JavaScript Editors for the developers who love to work with JavaScript. Recently, I went through 5 Best JavaScript IDE and 5 Must Read JavaScript Book. Take a …

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