7 Best PHP Frameworks for Developers 2015

PHP Frameworks helps the developers to create web applications with ease and support. The need for a framework is always necessary for the current web development era. The idea is to not do the repetitive task or automate the tasks that need less attention. Today, I will go forward to list the best PHP frameworks for developers. The frameworks will make your work easy and make you more efficient as PHP developer. You may also like: 7 PHP IDE for Developers and Programmers 11 Programming languages You should know in 2015 PHP is one of the most used web development language. …

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best php ide

7 Best PHP IDE for Developers and Programmers

Best PHP IDE is hard to find these days. There are too many factors one look in a PHP editor and that’s why it become a tough decision for many of the PHP Developers. On the other hand, development is a complete process and without tools in our hands, the process can become more cumbersome and time-consuming. With the help of the PHP editor, one can easily configure the environment to his/her needs and look to gain productivity from the IDE. There are other factors that one should look into before choosing the best PHP IDE/Editor for his/her development work. …

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php introduction

PHP 101: An Introduction

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is an Open Source and world most popular server-side scripting language. According to Wikipedia, as of January 2013 PHP was installed on more than 240 million websites and 2.1 million of web servers. Why choose PHP over others scripting language? It is freely available because of "Open Source" nature. It can easily be embedded with HTML and CSS that produce dynamic web pages. If you are a C programmer then it is very easy to learn PHP because its syntax is similar to C. It can be easily integrated with popular databases such oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase and Microsoft SQL …

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